Event Report: Clint & Gary Parker-Ticehurst

Event – The New Forest Classic
Date – 14th April 2024

A unique ride through the beautiful New Forest National Park. The ride starts in Fawley and traverses some of the most stunning countryside in the UK.

Your choice of 4 distances; Rook 17km, Short 53km, middle 92km or long 127km. We decided on the middle distance.

We arrived early and found ample parking onsite. Registration was simple and once we had gathered all our kit we headed to the small event village before making our way to the start line. Each distance had its own starting wave and ours was 08:45 to 09:30. Just after 08:45 we started our ride and headed into the National Park.

The ride really does have it all. You descend to Lepe and ride a short distance along the coast with spectacular views over The Solent and the Isle of Wight. Following on from this you then head into the heart of the New Forest traversing villages and country roads.

It’s a great atmosphere as you are joined by riders of all abilities and ages. Some riders will stop to take in the ambience of their surroundings while others will push on to beat their PBs.

What really makes this ride special is the abundance of wildlife. From beautiful bird song to pigs, cows, ponies and donkeys. The animals roam free across the park and will often be in or close to the road so you will need to keep your eyes open. We all know what being stuck behind a cyclist is like but try being stuck behind a donkey. I must say though the animals have more road sense than me and as long as you pass wide and slow they are not a problem.

During our ride we had one feed station which was sponsored by High-Five. Providing drinks, cake, crisps, gels and bars. Toilets were also available.

This is a brilliant event for all ages and abilities. It’s a rolling course with 3 main climbs. Nothing too challenging. Alongside the climbs are some fairly fast downhill sections. Just keep your eye out for potholes. Some of the roads are narrow with blind bends so be aware of your positioning.

We returned to the finish line content after a lovely morning ride and were greeted by a beer and medal, which rounded the morning off nicely. Would definitely do this event again.

Race Report – Gary & Clint 14 April 2024
Race Report – Gary & Clint 14 April 2024
Race Report – Gary & Clint 14 April 2024
Race Report – Gary & Clint 14 April 2024
Race Report – Gary & Clint 14 April 2024