Race Report: Tim Ferguson

Event – TCS London Marathon
Date – 21st April 2024

Boarding the train at Surbiton it felt as if the event had already begun, with the train heaving with supporters and runners, everyone in a relaxed mood.

Arriving at Blackheath and the scale of the event really unfolded. This is a huge park and it was overwhelmed by a sea of runners.

The advice from the expo was to join a queue for the portaloo and by the time you reach the front, you’ll need it, good advice.

At 10:28 my wave started and despite all the advice, I went off harder than I’d planned. After 10km I settled into a rhythm and maintained a consistent pace until about 32km, then it drifted slightly for the last 10km.

The event itself is truly magnificent, having spectated many many times, I had no idea how inspiring the crowd would be. Tower Bridge is just jaw-droppingly incredible. It’s hard to express how overwhelming the sounds and sights that confront you as you turn onto the bridge are. I wanted to stop and take it all in, but I also wanted to break 4 hours…

Between miles 17 and 20 was the first time I began to really feel the fatigue and for the first time was concerned that my pace was dipping and that breaking 4 hours would now be a struggle. In reality, although my pace did drop, it wasn’t by nearly as much as I thought and there had been nothing to worry about.

Running down the embankment and scanning for Big Ben, knowing that it would be a right turn followed by a left turn then 380 yards to the finish. To my surprise, the famous clock didn’t really come into view until quite late, about mile 25. That last right turn was a turning point, finishing was guaranteed and sub 4 hours seemed extremely likely. Again the noise was like nothing I’d ever experienced, and the energy from the crowd carried me through to the finish. However my first question upon receiving my medal, and what a magnificent medal it is, was to ask how to withdraw my ballot entry for next year!

Reflecting on this race, it is unquestionably an unforgettable experience, if you were there and cheered on random strangers then thank you, it means the world to us.

London Marathon 2024 Tim Ferguson
London Marathon 2024 Tim Ferguson
London Marathon 2024 Tim Ferguson